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If you have a question or concern about our events, email us at CommonFloorContraDance@gmail.com or use our Anonymous Feedback Form. We hope our events are safe and welcoming. If that’s not your experience, we’d like to hear about it.

Pandemic Rules (Updated 6/1/2023)

TLDR: Don’t attend if you feel sick or might be contagious.

We’ve updated our policy to remove requirements that dancers wear a high quality mask or have specific vaccines. Both of those still seem like good ways to mitigate the effects of global pandemics or the flu but I’m not a pandemic-ologist. Consult your doctor or the CDC for medical advice.

This was a difficult decision, but the change will hopefully make our dance welcoming to many more dancers. Unfortunately, this excludes others which is regrettable. If you wish there was a dance with some other policy and you’re willing to work a little to make it happen, shoot us an email, we should talk.

This policy could change again as needed. We reconsider these policies quarterly.


We might have to cancel an event. Dancers should subscribe to our mailing list or check our website before heading to a dance to see if it is canceled.

Code of Conduct

Practice good communication and ask for consent. Be attentive to how your partner dances.
Invite people to dance and always respect their answers when they say “no.” Do not pressure them or ask why.
Speak and act with respect. There will be a wide range of experience levels, and people from a variety of backgrounds on the floor.
People’s chosen dance role does not reflect their gender expression. If you’re confused on the dance floor, ask them what their dance role is.
Check in about dance roles, injuries, and flourishes each time you dance with someone. Ask for consent every time! If someone agrees to something once (twirling, dips, a close embrace) it does not mean they always consent to it.
If you see a dancer in your set make a mistake, do your best to take a moment to verbally show that dancer where they have to be next. Do not shove or grab other dancers. It is more important to have fun, than to get everything right.
Dance with safety in mind. On the crowded dance floor, be aware of nearby dancers when twirling, avoid squeezing hands and forceful leading or self-flourishing. Keep in mind that many dancers have injuries that may not be visible.
Be there for each other. If you see something problematic, or someone struggling, either let the dance organizers know or approach that person and check in with them.
Give and take feedback gracefully. For example: "Would you like (or May I offer) a dancing tip?"
We do not tolerate hate language of any kind, at any time, at our dances. If you bring it to our dance, you will be escorted out immediately.
Systematic or continued unwanted and annoying actions, including threats and demands, will not be tolerated. This can be verbal, physical, or sexual, and none of it is ok.
Our events are drug and alcohol free, do that somewhere else.