These events have been organized with care by:
Alex Hennings (tech)
Hannah Chamberlain (booking)
Hannah Brown (volunteer coordinator)
Josh Saklad (dance manager extraordinaire)


Creating inclusive, sustainable, high quality contra (and other) dancing.

Inclusive: We want everyone to feel welcome and safe. Promote a culture of consent. Affirm that gender and dance roles are not strongly coupled. Cost to attend should not be a barrier. Address unsafe or unwanted behavior.

Sustainable: Performers should be paid well. Organizers shouldn’t get burned out. Foster new callers, musicians, sound techs and dancers. The dancing should continue.

High Quality: The performers should be excellent. Events should be conducive to dancers' growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are we affiliated with "Second Saturday Topsham Contra" or "Portland Intown Contra Dance"?
A: Nope. We talk to them sometimes.

Q: Which dance role names do we use?
A: Larks and Robins.

Q: What are the finances like?
        A: Other than building a small emergency fund, all money collected goes to expenses and performers.

Q: Are there other contra dances in Maine?
        A: Kennebec, Belfast Flying Shoes, Cherryfield, Otisfield, check this map or this calendar.